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Personal Checking Accounts

Mid Penn Bank offers two convenient personal checking account options. Enjoy the flexibility of our Simply Free Checking account, or the premium benefits of our Advantage Checking account.

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Simply Free Checking Advantage Checking
Minimum Balance Requirement None $15,000
Interest Bearing None 0.20% APY4
Monthly Service Fees None None
Cash Back None $0.10 per credit-based debit card transaction5
Free Electronic Banking Services Online Banking, Online Bill Pay, Telephone Banking1 Online Banking, Online Bill Pay, Telephone Banking1
Free Mobile Banking Yes, with Mobile Check Deposit and free peer-to-peer payments with Zelle® Yes, with Mobile Check Deposit and free peer-to-peer payments with Zelle®
Free In-Branch Services Discounted Safe Deposit Box3 Unlimited free domestic wire transfers, free Safe Deposit Box, financial consultation with Trust & Wealth Management division6
Debit Card & Checks Free Visa Debit Card & first order of standard checks2 Free Visa Debit Card and free premium checks2
Fee Reimbursement None Unlimited foreign ATM fee reimbursement
Loan Rate Discount 0.20%7 0.20%7

Who Should Use Simply Free Checking?

Simply Free Checking is ideal for people who want no minimum balance requirements, no monthly service fees and free online bill payment. This convenient account provides outstanding benefits for customers with basic banking needs. You can use mobile and online banking with this account too. If you’re a retiree, someone opening their first checking account or a recent graduate from college, our free checking account is the right choice.

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Who Should Use Advantage Checking?

Advantage Checking is the best account for customers whose banking needs involve more in-depth offerings. Benefits include free domestic wire transfers and a free Safe Deposit Box. With a minimum balance of $15,000, this account provides exceptional cash back offers. Customers earn cash back on signature-based point of sale transactions. They also accrue interest on their balance.

All Advantage Checking account holders can access their accounts online or via our mobile app at any time. If you travel abroad frequently, make enough money to maintain a healthy balance and want to be able to access your money while still earning interest on it, this checking account will meet all your requirements.

When you select either account, you’ll get the standout customer service our community bank is known for providing. We offer checking account support that other banks lack.

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1 – Internet and carrier fees may apply.

2 – Overdraft and returned item fees may apply.

3 – Safe deposit box rental fee discount by $10.00 per year (based on availability).

4 – 0.20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective as of 08/01/2022. Minimum deposit required to open account is $15,000. No minimum balance required to earn advertised APY after account opening. Rate is variable and may change after opening. Fees can reduce earnings on the account. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

5 – $0.10 cash back will be paid on all signature-based point of sale transactions that successfully post and settle, net of any returns.  Peer-to-peer payments, and loan payments or account funding made with your debit card and cash over portions of point-of-sale transactions are not eligible for cash back rewards. If the account is closed prior to payment of cash back, all accrued cash back will be forfeited.


7 – Customer must elect to have loan payment automatically deducted from a Mid Penn Bank checking account to receive discount. Discount available only on non-promotional consumer fixed-rate loans. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer is subject to credit approval and may be withdrawn without notice.

Overdraft Protection

Accidents happen. A written check is forgotten. A transaction is unrecorded. All of these can result in an overdrawn account.
Mid Penn Bank offers several options to protect your account against an overdraft:

  • MPB ProtectLink1 – Link a Mid Penn Bank checking, savings, or money market account to your Mid Penn Bank checking account.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit2 – Available as protection against unplanned overdrafts and as a traditional home equity line of credit.
  • Flex Line of Credit2 – A traditional line of credit that can be linked as protection against overdrafts.
  • MPB Personal Protection Line of Credit2 – Designed specifically to be linked to your checking account as overdraft protection against overdrafts.

1 – Transaction limits may apply on savings and money market accounts.

2 – All loans subject to credit and underwriting criteria.

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Choose Mid Penn for your personal checking account needs and feel the community bank difference.

Mid Penn Bank is based in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which means we invest in our local communities and our team contributes to the local economy. This offers many unique advantages:

  • Our team members contribute to the same charities and non-profit organizations as you.
  • Our bank focuses on local investment to grow opportunities in your neighborhoods.
  • We offer convenient locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • By building community ties, our team members get to know our clients personally.
  • We’re able to offer personalized touches and customized solutions for our fellow community members.

Re-order Checks Online

Need to re-order a supply of checks? We make it simple.

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*If this is the first time ordering checks for this account, please contact your local financial center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consider these frequently asked questions to learn more about our personal checking accounts.

Does Mid Penn Bank Offer Free Online Checking Accounts?

With Mid Penn Bank, you can start a free online checking account with no opening deposit. Our Simply Free Checking program offers a wide range of services, making it an ideal choice for anyone opening their first checking account. You’ll have access to convenient online, mobile and in-person services that will help you establish your financial base.

Do Mid Penn Bank Checking Accounts Come With Overdraft Protection?

You can opt-in for overdraft protection when opening a checking account with Mid Penn Bank. Contact your local financial center for more details.

How Much Money Can You Have in a Checking Account?

You can deposit as much money into your checking account as you’d like. Our checking accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $250,000 per depositor. For larger deposits, please contact your local financial center to discuss options for additional insurance coverage.

How Much Interest Do Checking Accounts Accrue?

The amount of interest your checking account accrues depends on the account type and the national market. The Simply Free Checking account does not provide an annual percentage yield (APY). However, the Advantage Checking account features a variable APY. You can view our most recent rates online by entering your zip code.

How Can I Order More Checks or a Replacement Debit Card?

You can order new checks online at any time. To order new checks, log in by providing your routing number, account number and zip code.

You can replace your debit card if it is lost or stolen. Please call 1-866-642-7736 to report your lost or stolen card and order a replacement.

How Do I Transfer Funds?

There are a few ways to transfer your Mid Penn Bank funds. The easiest way is to use your online or mobile banking portal. You can control how much money you’d like to move and the account where you wish to send it. You can also transfer funds in person by visiting a local Mid Penn Bank financial center or ATM.

How Do I Open an Account?

You can open an account directly online at Mid Penn Bank. If you prefer to open an account in-person, you can visit a nearby financial center. We have locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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See what a difference it makes to select a community-focused bank for your checking account. We are proud to be among the local banks with free checking and online and mobile banking tools you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit one of our locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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