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Account Management
What is the cutoff time each day for Internal Transfers?The cutoff time for Internal Transfers each day is 8:00PM, ET.
How much history is retained on-line?You can access up to 18 months of both transactions through the history function and electronic statements.
Can I still make online loan payments?Yes, you can make your regular payments, principal-only payments, and interest-only payments.
Am I able to setup automatic alerts for my online banking?Yes, you can set alerts based on account, transaction request, and user activity. Alerts can be sent to your e-mail or your text-enabled mobile phone.
Can I receive alerts to my cell phone?Yes. From the Alerts option, you can choose your account activity alerts and your delivery preferences (method and format). From the Subscriptions option, you can choose your transaction request and user activity Subscription alerts and your delivery preferences.
Will my activity alerts migrate over to the new system?No, you will need to re-establish these

Senior Administrators
If there are multiple users, will these convert over?Yes, all users currently using the system will convert over to the new system. Users will continue to have access to the accounts and services to which they were entitled before this conversion.
What will I need to log on to the new system?You will need your User ID, Company ID, Activation Code, and a temporary password. Mid Penn Bank will provide this information to each Senior Administrator at each business. Senior Administrators will, in turn, provide this information to all users in their business.
What happens if I need to add a new user?Mid Penn Bank would be pleased to create new users for your business. Or, we would also be pleased to help you learn to do it yourself.
What kind of protection are available to help keep my accounts safe?Commercial Center offers many layers of protection to keep your financial relationship safe. Secure Browser will keep your online banking session safe. Extensive Subscription alerts will notify you of advanced Cash Management activity. And, of course, individual users can only access permissible accounts and services.
Do I need to seek Mid Penn Bank's assistance when adding users or modifying their permissions?? No. You may always reach out to us for assistance, but it is no longer required with Commercial Center. Senior administrators may perform routine user administration functions without involving Mid Penn Bank. These routine functions may include:
  • Add new users and assign appropriate permissions
  • Reset or force-change passwords
  • Unlock users
  • Change the accounts or functions a user is permitted to use
  • Delete/Remove users no longer needing to access the platform
My employee wants to use the mobile banking app. What must I do to permit this?The Senior Administrator must update the user's profile to permit use of the Mobile Banking App. It is as simple as selecting Native Apps from the user’s Services section. Mobile app permissions echo the online permissions. The employee must use their "Activation Code" when first using Mobile Banking. The Senior Administrator may provide this code to the employee by finding it in that employee's user profile. Of course, employee/users may also find their Activation Code in their own user profile within the new Commercial Center platform.
Can I restrict the accounts and functions my employee/users are permitted to see or perform?Yes. A Senior Administrator may define the specific accounts that any user is permitted to see. You may give your users access to all accounts, or only certain specific accounts. Similarly, you may define whether a user is permitted to access certain financial functions, such as Bill Payments, internal transfers, Remote Deposit Capture, or other Cash Management services. That permission can be further narrowed to specific accounts and transactions dollar levels. you can even require that certain transactions be approved by a second (or third) employee/user before the transaction is submitted to the Bank for processing.

Mobile Banking
Will Mobile Banking be available?Yes. You will need to download our new mobile banking app. Links to the app stores can be found on this page.
How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?You will need an "Activation Code" that is unique to only you. You can obtain this code from your profile screen within Commercial Center if you are an Administrator. Mid Penn Bank will be mailing Activation Keys to every user, as well. After you download and launch the app, you will be asked to enter your unique code as part of the activation process.
What can I do within Mobile Banking?
  • View account balances
  • View account transactions
  • Perform funds transfers, between your accounts at Mid Penn Bank
  • Make mobile deposits
  • Place stop payment orders
  • Initiate bill payments to pre-established vendors1
  • Review Positive Pay exceptions and activity1
  • Submit issued items to the Bank for Positive Pay1
  • Initiate ACH or wire transfers to pre-established recipients and templates1
  • Provide file or payment approvals for other users in your business, assuming your role is already given that responsibility1
1 Depending on the other services used by your business
If I attempt to make a deposit over the daily cumulative limit, will I be alerted?Yes, you will receive a message that "the deposit exceeds the daily deposit amount by $XX.XX"
Will my mobile deposit limit be displayed on the screen?Yes, it is displayed near the top of the screen as “Daily Cumulative Deposit Limit”
Can I make mobile deposits from the mobile app and through the online (computer) version of Commercial Center? Yes, if you are signed up for both mobile deposit and remote deposit capture, then you can make deposits from either platform throughout the day.

Risk Management
Can I place stop payments using the new Commercial Center platform?Yes. You may place stop payments on qualifying items issued from your checking accounts or money market accounts. All stop payments are subject to regulations set forth in the Uniform Commercial Code and related government regulations.
Can my employees place stop payments?Senior administrators will be able to assign permission to any user to place stop payment orders. It is also possible to permit access on some accounts, but not others.
Do I still need my hard token for BOB?No. You no longer need to use a hard token to protect your online session. Mid Penn Bank does not need it back.
What is an Activation Code and why do I need them?An Activation Code is a randomized code specific to your User ID. These codes are used to securely link mobile banking, Secure Browser, and Secure Desktop to your authenticated experience.
What happens if I need additional codes? Each code is valid for three (3) secured links. If you need to download multiple instances of Secure Browser or Secure Desktop, then you may need more codes. Luckily, it’s a simple process to get a new code valid for 3 more links. You simply go under your profile and click “Reset.”
My code is about to expire. What do I do?To protect your linked sessions, the codes do expire after two (2) months and will need to be refreshed. It is simple process to get a new code valid for 2 more months. You simply go under your profile and click “Reset.”
What is the Secure Browser?Secure Browser provides a smooth customer experience as well as browser infrastructure hardened against fraud. This provides the following benefits to you and other Commercial Center users: secured access with consistent user & device authentication; not susceptible to malware attacks; prevents misdirection of users to false sites or sites with malware; eliminates hard tokens; and limits user access to bank-approved sites.
Can anyone use Secure Browser to get these benefits?Secure Browser is reserved for those customers who use Cash Management services, such as ACH Origination, Online Wire Transfers, Remote Deposit Capture, and Positive Pay.
Do I need to be an Administrator to download Secure Browser?To download Secure Browser, you must have Administrative rights on your computer (either temporarily for the download or all the time).
What is the Secure Desktop?Secure Desktop is a linked delivery module within Commercial Center that provides a secured location on a user’s computer. Secure Desktop is used for unattended file delivery, automated report scheduling, and integration with ERP software and treasury workstations.
Will a network or computer update require a new download of Secure browser?Perhaps. Just as any update can affect software on your computer, it is possible that you might need to update your Secure Browser with an updated Activation Code or new download.
If I go to another computer, will it require an additional Secure Browser Download?Yes. For your protection, a new secured link is necessary for each Secure Browser and Secure Desktop location. If you access online banking both at home and the office, then you will need to download Secure Browser for each place.

Account & Transaction Export
Am I able to export to QuickBooks or other financial software?Yes, you may choose to create a report each time you want to export to QuickBooks by going to Balance Reporting and answering a few questions to set up the report. You may also choose to set up an automated report by going to Report Delivery and creating a simple template that will be delivered to Secure Desktop on a schedule of your choice. Commercial Center allows exports in the following formats: .csv, Quicken, QuickBooks, generic web viewing, and BAI 2.
Can I continue to automatically download my QuickBooks files using Intuit's "Web-Connect"?No. This process requires that you input your Company ID, User ID, and password into systems not offered or controlled by Mid Penn Bank. It also requires that you circumvent our use of security challenge questions in order to allow these automated downloads. Given the increasing attempts of fraudsters to gain access to customers online banking systems, and the severe losses that can result, we've determined that offering this service is not aligned with our other efforts to keep your information and funds as secure as possible. We understand this may create some slight inconvenience when downloading your QuickBooks files, but that does not warrant the risks caused by revealing your confidential systems access information in to systems not under the control of Mid Penn Bank.

Download the Business Mobile App

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You may download the new app, but you will also need a special activation code before accessing the app. You can find this code under your profile, within the platform. Alternatively, ask your Senior Administrator for your code.