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At the MPB Private Bank, our team of dedicated professionals have YOU in mind. Your trust and our integrity are pillars of our foundation. With collaboration, we build lasting relationships and peace of mind. With expertise, diligence and ingenuity we execute solutions that align with your goals.

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Personalized services and solutions for our clients, ensuring they maintain the lifestyle they desire.

What is the MPB Private Bank?

The MPB Private Bank provides a set of services for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. At the MPB Private Bank, our clients receive exclusive benefits and highly personalized support.

As a private banking client, you do not have to step into the branch and explain the situation to a different person each time. Instead, you can call your private banker directly to ask for help or make a transaction. Our private bankers are already familiar with every client’s specific financial situation to make suggestions and help them reach their goals.


How Private Banking Works

One of our relationship managers or private bankers is assigned to each client, providing personalized services to all matters. Private Bankers can enlist the help of appropriate investment staff to help provide investment guidance around your financial circumstances. Our private banking services aim to assist clients in protecting and preserving their assets.

In addition to the customized products, there is the convenience of consolidating every service under one financial roof. Clients of our MPB Private Bank receive enhanced services from our private bankers who act as liaisons with all of the other departments within the bank to ensure that the client receives the best possible product offerings and services through a single point of contact.



MPB Private Bank Partners

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Total Family Management is a private, virtual family coaching service. Family coaching is a new idea to a lot of people, but in general, people get support in areas of their life that matter the most. Like golf lessons or taking a cooking class. And almost everyone agrees that family is the most important part of their lives.

Families come to TFM for two reasons:

  • For themselves. TFM is social fitness, which means engaging positively in productive relationships that promote overall well-being. In other words, improving the strength of your relationships. And an 84-year Harvard Happiness study confirms that over everything else, strong relationships lead to longer, healthier, more joyful lives.
  • For their family. TFM improves connection, clarity, focus, and legacy for the team that matters most to almost everyone.




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A Dedicated Private Banker

The biggest advantage of the MPB Private Bank is having a dedicated person – or a team of people – who already knows your circumstances. Some of these might not even require an in-person visit. Your private banker or wealth management team knows your situation, so it saves the time of repeating your situation and preferences every time you need something at the bank. With our concierge style approach, we aim to become someone you can trust.

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