business online banking

Running a business can be challenging, but using an online business bank account doesn’t have to be. We have assisted many small businesses with their online bank accounts, and we want to help you as well with services that are convenient and easy to understand. Access your business’s account information 24/7 with our comprehensive online banking services.

Why Mid Penn Bank Is Perfect for Your Business’s Online Banking in Central PA

Many businesses choose us based on our strong product lineup. We understand what small businesses need to succeed, and you’ll save time and money when you employ our online banking system, freeing you to grow and expand your business. Our commercial banking services available online include:

  • Wire transfers
  • Transferring funds
  • ACH transactions
  • Check images

In addition to our banking products, we provide exceptional customer service that stands out in our industry. As a local community bank, we care about the people who live in central PA, including business owners like you. We understand the needs of local small businesses, which allows us to customize our finance solutions and offer the most useful online banking tools.

Take control when you need it — use our online banking service to make your job easier. At a time when hacks and data exposure are a worry for every business, Mid Penn Bank’s secure programs will give you peace of mind.

Why Your Business Needs Efficient and Secure Online Banking Services

So much of business today is conducted digitally. If you do not have an effective and safe system, your clients may not trust you. We can aid you with creating a customized banking experience that addresses any concerns or areas your organization would like to strengthen.

With secure online banking, you can access the information you need at any time, and such availability can improve your success in your field. You can do a better job for your clients and employees when you know your financial situation and keep a close eye on what can evolve and change. You can also keep information safe to reassure clients that you practice responsible decision-making. Selecting Mid Penn Bank is that type of decision.

When you rely on our online banking services, you can:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Streamline cash management
  • Save time

Our services will keep all your account information in one place. You can simplify payroll through online direct deposit and get statements faster and more securely.

Cash Management Online Banking Services

Access your business’s account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our convenient, safe and secure online banking services. Our business customers can enjoy the following features of cash management online banking:

  • View account balances and transactions
  • View account history
  • View check images, deposit tickets and deposited items
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • eStatements
  • Current day and previous day reporting
  • Stop payments
  • Quickbooks reporting for easier account reconciliation


Mail all enrollment forms to:
Mid Penn Bank
Operations Center – OLB
894 North River Rd.
Halifax, PA 17032

Or fax to:

Basic Business Online Banking Enrollment Forms

The following enrollment forms are for basic online banking business services.  If you wish to enroll for certain online banking services including wire transfer capabilities, ACH capabilities or remote deposit capture services, please contact our Cash Management Department directly at (717) 920-8349 to enroll for Mid Penn Bank’s Cash Management Online Banking services.

If you do not need access to wire transfer capabilities, ACH capabilities or remote deposit capture services, please enroll for online banking using the following forms:

Form 1 – Client and Primary Administrator Enrollment Form
Each business client must complete this form for online banking enrollment/access. Each client should choose one (1) Primary Administrator for the company.

Form 2 – Client and Primary Administrator Accounts (Addition-Deletion-Change) Form
If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to add additional accounts, delete accounts or change account access rights for a Client of Primary Administrator.

Form 3 – Business Bill Pay Enrollment Form
If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to add Business Bill Pay to an existing client and user.

Form 4 – Business Account eStatement Enrollment Form

If already enrolled in business online banking, use this form to enroll business accounts for eStatements.  Please also review the eStatements Terms and Conditions attached to the enrollment form.