A Statement from our CEO

June 12, 2020

At this point, in 2020, we should be looking at overt and systemic racism as being an awful sin of our past. Unfortunately, that is clearly not the case and that both saddens and sickens me. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc and Mid Penn Bank, I stand in support of not only the families and friends of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor but the entire community of black Americans who face the horrible stress and despair of racial injustice every day. The founders of this great country, 244 years ago, declared that ALL being created equal was a self-evident truth. It is long past time for each and every one of us to ratify and support that truth as it is the key to a more perfect union. We are listening. We are watching. We are learning. We are planning. We will be taking action. We will do our part to move the mountain that we all must move together. 
With all my deepest thoughts.

Rory G. Ritrievi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc. and Mid Penn Bank